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Commercial Real Estate Consultants | Business Brokers & Intermediaries | Small Business Planning


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• Business Sale Brokers and Transaction Intermediaries

• Small Business Valuations and Appraisals

• Financial and Written Business Plan Preparation

• CRE Tenant & Buyer Representation

• Real Estate Deal Management and Processing

• CRE Advisors to the Retail, Restaurant, Virtual Kitchen & Cannabis Industries

• CRE Document Review and Lease Abstracting

• CRE Data Analytics, Demographics, Psychographics, Market Analysis and Revenue Modeling

• Business Asset Sale Transaction and Settlement Coordination

• Small Business Property Management and Lease Administration


We are a collaboration of seasoned and highly experienced commercial real estate advisors, business marketing consultants and executives, having spent most of our professional lives within the a corporate retail real estate environment, as dealmakers, strategists, site selectors, real estate department managers, designers and property managers. We are now leveraging our experience and skill sets in the private sector, helping tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers maximize their commercial real estate assets and small business occupancies. We can negotiate profitable and cost effective real estate transactions and guide you in administering your occupancy in commercial spaces. We can assist you create financially and operationally sound new retail and restaurant businesses, through careful analysis of your occupancy costs and requirements.

Mark Mueller is a retired Corporate Real Estate Executive who has worked as a real estate manager, dealmaker, site selector and et strategist for numerous national and regional retail and healthcare companies including GAP, Circuit City, Brookstone, CarMax, Five Below Ascena Retail and Active Day. I have sourced, negotiated and presented for approval over 450 commercial real estate transactions including leases, ground leases, land purchases and sale-leasebacks. I am an active PA & NJ Commercial Real Estate Broker, a Certified Commercial Investment Member and a Certified Business Intermediary.

Mark operates an independent consulting firm, CRE Resources, LLC, and offer Commercial Real Estate Consulting, Small Business Consulting and A&M Business Broker & Intermediary services to his Clients. He serves small to medium sized small business Sellers and Buyers in the valuation, assessment and vetting of B2B, B2G and Consumer Products and Service based businesses. Mark also serves Tenants, Landlords, Developers and Investors in the financial analysis and proforma planning of their real estate and business acquisitions. Leveraging his corporate experience and skill sets in the private sector, Mark is able to assist my clients maximize their commercial real estate holdings and small business assets, redefine their existing business models and plans, and assist in long range planning and business exit and acquisition strategies. He is an expert at performing detailed and extensive business valuations, preparing comprehensive proformas and financial projection models, creating detailed financial and written business plans and making recommendations for the dispositioning and repositioning of existing businesses and commercial real estate holdings.


Co-Broker Collaboration (sample agreement)

I need a Commercial Real Estate document reviewed


  • Business Sale & Purchase Consulting / Brokerage & Intermediary Services
  • Business Planning - Business Closures, Business Plans, Revenue Forecasting, Financial Reporting
  • Small Business Planning Real Estate Location Feasibilities
  • CRE Resources Management - Energy Supply Waste Management, Utility Bill Optimization.
  • CRE Lease and Purchase Document Abstracting and Review
  • Lease/Purchase Negotiations & Decision Making
  • Lease Buyout, Termination and Holdover Negotiations
  • Building Layout and Due Diligence Surveys
  • Entitlements, Design and Construction Referrals
  • Real Estate Portfolio and SWOT Analysis
  • Market Planning & Optimization
  • Predictive Analytics & Sales Projection Modeling
  • Market and Trade Area Deployment Strategy
  • Prototype & Location Based Design & Construction Management
  • Financial Pro-forma Analysis
  • Master Brokerage Coordination
  • Property Management and Facilities Administration
  • Lease Administration and Audit



How do Business Brokers Determine the Value of a Business

Business Buyer Qualifications and Process

  • Minimal Buyer Qualifications:
    • Experience operating, managing and overseeing the financials of the type of Business being sold.
    • Ability to perform either Owner/Operator or Remote Owner (with ability to put management staff in place) roles.
    • Cash Savings, Investment Net Worth and Capital or loan commitments for the proposed purchase price of the Business +10% for initial working capital
    • Upon Contract execution, submit Deposit of 10% of Selling Price
    • Settlement: Signed Lease/Assignment, Payment of Final Purchase Price, Satisfaction of all Contract Contingencies, New Business License, Transfer of all Assets and Intellectual Property.
  • Buyer Purchase Process:
    • Completion of NDA Agreement in order to receive additional financial information about Business.
    • Completion of Business Buyer Questionnaire (either Company of Individual)
    • Phone Discussion with Business Broker to review Questionnaire and become Qualified Buyer.
    • Appointment to inspect business and have discussion with Seller/Owner
    • Submit Proof of Funds or Capital Funds Commitments (SBA Loan)
    • Proof of Funds available for Settlement
    • Complete Lender Loan Applications
    • Preparation of Letter of Intent (with Broker assistance) (LOI)
    • Review and Signature on Business Purchase Agreement (BPA)
      • Secure appropriate legal counsel to prepare or review BPA
    • Completion of Commercial Lease Application and approval by existing Landlord for Lease Assignment
    • Complete Due Diligence and resolve any Contingencies in BPA.
    • Attend Settlement to make final business purchase payment, receive Bill of Sale and Affidavit of Title.
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